The Department of Business Administration was formally established in 1983, initially offering four-year and two-year daytime programs. Subsequently, the department expanded its offerings to include a two-year nighttime program, a four-year nighttime program, a master's program (in-service program), and a master's program within the daytime program.

Since 2013, the Doctoral Program in Strategic Development of Taiwan Industries and the Master's Program in Advanced Industrial Management have been officially integrated into the Department.

Currently, the Business Administration department offers the following academic programs:

1. Doctoral Program in Strategic Development of Taiwan Industries.
2. Master's in-service program in Advanced Industrial Management.
3. Master's in-service program.
4. Master's program.
5. 4-year daytime program.
6. 4-year nighttime program.

Approximately 1,100 students are currently enrolled in the Department of Business Administration.

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