Full-Time Day Division Program Course features & Capacity development

Course features & Capacity development

The full-time day division program of the Department provides broadly fundamental courses in all aspects of business management including general management, marketing, human resource, information, operations, and finance, etc., and it also allows students to take various courses in other fields. The full-time day division program of the Department comprises of 3 core modules including “innovation business model”, “business process planning”, and “marketing sales planning”, and each of the modules consists of abundant subjects covering the fundamentals of business and management theory and practice. For capacity development in practice, to achieve the spirit of C-SMILE (including creativity, skill, manner, innovation, learning, and entrepreneurship) that the Department builds, the full-time day division program of the Department helps students in shortening the gap between the theories they learn in class and practical applications in the real world via providing practical resources such as collaborative teaching and dual industry-academic teachers; further, it enhances students’ planning, problem-solving, and oral expression capability via arranging for them to engage in contests and project study, and it assists graduates in quickly starting their careers via promoting required practice lesson and providing full-time practice during senior year of university.
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