Doctoral Degree Program Overview


The [1]. 博士班簡介: 本系台灣產業策略發展博士班(以下簡稱本系博士班)為本校於民國 98年(西元2009年, 98學年度)成立,前身為「台灣產業策略發展博士學位學程」,後於102學年度併入本系,廣泛招收來自於產、官、學各界菁英。Doctoral degree program in Taiwan industrial strategy and development of the Department (hereinafter referred to as doctoral degree program of the Department) was established in AD 2009, 2009 academic year, formerly known as “doctoral degree program in Taiwan industrial strategy and development”, incorporated into this Department after 2013 academic year, widely recruiting elites from industry, government, and academic.本系博士班依循本校辦學願景「深耕台灣、邁向國際、永續發展」及本校管理學院(以下簡稱本院)發展「專業」、「創新」、「博雅」之管理人才之特色,擬訂本系博士班之願景為「建構實務化、創新化與國際化之產業研究重鎮,並成為產業策略發展與研究的一流學術單位」,並以「培育跨功能領域之國際產業經營與策略規劃人才」為本系博士班之教育目標。 The doctoral degree program of the Department follows the CYUT’s vision of “deeply cultivating in Taiwan, stepping towards internationalization, and sustaining development” and the characteristics of the CYUT’s College of Management (hereinafter referred to as the College) to develop the management talents of “professionalism”, “innovation”, and “erudition”, drafts the vision for the doctoral degree program of the Department as “constructing the practical, innovative, and internationalized industry research center, and becoming the leading academic institution of industry’s strategic development and research” and envisages “fostering talents of international industry management and strategic planning in cross-functional fields” as educational objective of the Department’s doctoral degree program.

The doctoral degree program of the Department performs from three execution directions of the “practicality”, “innovation” and “internationalization” to practice its vision and educational objective, and it drafts three core competences (including “practicality capability”, “innovation capability” and “international outlook and vision”) that its students should possess according to its three execution directions. In order to enhance students’ core competences, the doctoral degree program of the Department makes efforts to achieve its vision and educational objective via developing three curriculum fields (including “industry business strategy”, “industry innovation and development strategy”, and “industry internationalization strategy”) corresponding to its students’ three core competences, and further cultivates its students to get the assessment, diagnosis, analysis, and prediction ability in the context of industrial strategy development. In addition to multivariate courses planning and excellent teachers teaching, the doctoral degree program of the Department combines business visit, organization of industry forum, and international symposiums to strengthen international exchanges, and further assists its students in understanding the industry and international pulsation and trends to enhance its competitiveness in enrollment domestically and abroad.
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