Kuei-Kuei Lai Professor

Kuei-Kuei Lai

Kuei-Kuei Lai


Educational Background

Ph.D. in Management Science, Tamkang University

Completion of Harvard Business School Case Study (PCMPCL)

Professor, Business Administration, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology 

Main Research Fields

Patent analysis, Value Proposition and Business Model, Service Science, and Management Engineering, Technology Roadmap and Forecasting, Technology Analysis, Strategic Management Marketing Management, Consumer Behavior, Public Relations, Creativity, Training Techniques






Journal Paper

  • Lai, Kuei-Kuei, and Shiao-Jun Wu. "Using the patent co-citation approach to establish a new patent classification system." Information processing  & management  41.2 (2005): 313-330. (Scopus Q.1; SCIE)
  • Sharma, NK, Govindan, K., Lai, KK, Chen, WK, & Kumar, V. (2021). The transition from linear economy to circular economy for sustainability among SMEs: A study on prospects, constraints, and prerequisites.  Business Strategy and the Environment30 (4), 1803-1822. (Scopus Q.1; SSCI)
  • Chang, SB, Lai, KK, & Chang, SM (2009). Exploring technology diffusion and classification of business methods: Using the patent citation network. Technological Forecasting and Social Change , 76 (1) , 107-117 . ( Scopus Q. 1; SSCI)
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Conference Paper

  • Ya, KZ, Kumar, V., & Lai, KK (2022, September). E-import Process of an Automobile Dealer in Myanmar: Non-participant Observation. In Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Industrial and Business Engineering ( pp  . 33-38).
  • Sharma, RRK, Ghosh, P., & Lai, KK (2021, April). Multi-Period, Single Commodity and Single Stage Warehouse Location Problems with Location, Distribution Inventory and Shortage Costs. In 2021 IEEE 8th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and  Applications (ICIEA)  (pp. 422-425). IEEE.
  • Kumar Sharma, N., Chen, WK, & Lai, KK (2020, December). Challenges and Prospects for Digital Marketers while Dealing with SMEs: An Interview. In 2020 The 4th International Conference on Software and e-Business (pp 25 -31).
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