Senior Executive Master of Business Administration Program Course features & Capacity development

Course features & Capacity development

The Senior Executive MBA program of the Department provides students with abundant various advanced managerial courses (e.g. lecture in business management, lecture in business practice, the case studies of business competitive and strategic analysis, strategic management, business law and ethics, organizational behavior, marketing, economics, finance, information systems management, and business research methods, etc.) to assist them in effectively applying critical-thinking and decision-making skills for identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems within the rapidly changing competitive environment. For capacity development in practice, to make students become the high-end talents needed by business development, the Senior Executive MBA program of the Department cultivates students with researching capability to diagnose enterprises via combining practically verified academic theories taught by teachers. Unquestionably, the master’s degree program for Senior Executive MBA program of the Department will help students’ career in keeping flourishing and thriving from day to day.
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