Doctoral Degree Program Course features & Capacity development

Course features & Capacity development

In comparison with course features of academically oriented doctoral program, the doctoral degree program of the Department adopts practice-oriented training, and it designs the curriculum from three major fields (including “Industry business strategy”, “Industry innovation and development strategy”, and “Industry internationalization strategy”) which have related practical courses. For example, the curriculum field of “Industry business strategy” offers practice courses including “Special Topic of Industrial Development in Taiwan”, ”Special Topic of corporate Strategy and Law”,” Industrial Organization and Leadership”, etc; the curriculum field of “industry innovation and development strategy” offers the practice course of ” Developing Strategy for Industry Innovation”, this course’s content is to visit various enterprises, understand the current status of each industry, find opportunities and threat spots that industry may face via learning in classroom, perform industrial analysis, and provide suggestions for the industry; and the curriculum field of “Industry internationalization strategy” offers practice courses including ”Global Competitive Strategy”,” Global Operation Strategy and Logistics”,” International Business and Management”, etc.

To enable students to get the best learning and training, the doctoral degree program of the Department widely invites well-known and influential business elites in industry and excellent teachers from industry, government, and academic to teach students, and combines with industrial and academic research resources in Central Taiwan to grasp industry pulsation and development.

The doctoral degree program of the Department takes “industrial strategy development” as the main axle. For assisting students in studying and researching the industry’s overall development and management, the doctoral degree program of the Department allows students with the industry experience to identify the best way to proceed industry-academic integration via the synthesis of its interdisciplinary courses; and it also cultivates students with the practical experience to possess theorizing researching and writing capability to diagnose enterprises via combining practically verified academic theories taught by teachers. Hence, to make students become the high-end international strategy and strategy planning talents needed by industrial development, the doctoral degree program of the Department enhances students’ capability via integrating their practice into researching and writing capability, and further cultivates its students to possess assessment, diagnosis, analysis, and forecasting capabilities on industrial strategy development via providing collaborative teaching, dual industry-academic teachers, enterprise diagnosis and case studies, workshops and discussions, industry forums, actual industry and business visit and exchange, seminars and research papers published in journals or conferences, and other practices, etc.
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