During lunchtime on June 13, an enchanting Rice Dumpling Festival party was held, bringing together international students in a celebration of culture and delicious food. The event, which coincided with the end of the semester and paid homage to the Taiwanese Dragon Festival, provided a delightful atmosphere for students to connect and indulge in the traditional cuisine.

International students gathered at a university venue, where they relished the delectable taste of rice dumplings while being serenaded by the captivating melodies of Mongolian music. The talented Demberelsaikhan Dolgorsuren, a master's student and skilled musician, took the stage and mesmerized the audience with her expertise on the horse head fadle, a renowned traditional Mongolian instrument.

The Rice Dumpling Festival party created a unique opportunity for students to experience the beauty of different cultures coming together. As they enjoyed their meals, attendees engaged in pleasant conversations, sharing stories and insights from their diverse backgrounds.

By combining the spirit of the Dragon Festival with the joy of rice dumplings, the event showcased the richness and diversity of global traditions. It served as a reminder of the power of cultural appreciation and understanding among students from around the world.

The Rice Dumpling Festival party, accompanied by the enchanting melodies played by Demberelsaikhan Dolgorsuren, left a lasting impression on all who attended. The event not only satisfied their appetites but also nurtured a sense of unity and friendship among the international student community.



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