History of the Department

The Department of Business Administration was officially established in the year 1994. It offers a four-year program (referred to as "Bachelor's degree") and a two-year program (referred to as "Associate degree") in the day division. Subsequently, it also established a two-year program, a four-year program, a Master's program (Master's in-service program) in the continuing education division, and a Master's program in the day division. Starting from the academic year 2013, the Ph.D. program in Taiwan Industrial Strategy Development and the Executive Master's program in Advanced Industrial Management were officially incorporated into the department.


Currently, the department offers the following programs:

1. Ph.D. Program in Taiwan Industrial Strategy Development

2. Executive Master's Program in Advanced Industrial Management

3. Master's In-service Program

4. Master's Program

5. Four-year Day Division

6. Four-year Continuing Education Division


The total number of students in the department is approximately 1,100.