Our university positions itself as a "research-oriented university in vocational education and a university with industry-academia collaboration in general education." In order to implement the six major strategies of our university's development, the College of Management has set its development goals as follows: cultivating management talents with a focus on "professionalism," "innovation," "internationalization," and "holistic development." Building upon the advantages of the College of Management and staying abreast of international development trends, we foster a culture of innovative thinking and integration of theory and practice. We shape our distinctive characteristics as a college that emphasizes "entering the workforce before graduation" and "going where the industry goes." Guided by the educational philosophy of "win-win for academia and industry, and triple-win for dual tracks," we combine industry resources with teaching and research, creative thinking, and innovation in the fields of finance, corporate management, insurance and finance, accounting, leisure and hospitality management, marketing and distribution, and silver industry management. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and integration, we aim to cultivate management talents that meet the industry's demands for professionalism, innovation, internationalization, and holistic development. Based on these development strategies, we have formulated six talent cultivation strategies, including deepening local roots while expanding internationally, entering the workforce before graduation, promoting collaboration and co-creation among academia, research, and industry, fostering cross-domain learning and international mobility, facilitating seamless transition from graduation to employment, and providing continuous professional development opportunities. We have implemented various action plans accordingly.

Furthermore, considering the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology and the issue of population aging in recent years, the demand for talent in the e-commerce market and silver industry has increased significantly. The College of Management has taken a further step to develop a forward-looking layout of "confronting artificial intelligence and embracing the platinum generation." Our department focuses on cultivating talents in "digital management" to respond to the university's development goals and the forward-looking layout of the College of Management. Accordingly, our department has set the educational objective of nurturing "enterprise management talents with high-quality work attitude, a grasp of the pulse of the times, problem-solving abilities in management, and innovation and entrepreneurship skills."


Inheriting the mission of "Wherever the enterprise goes, the CYUT goes," our department collaborates closely with small and medium-sized enterprises in the central region through industry-academia programs, collaborative teaching with industry professionals, and internships to create win-win opportunities. Through activities such as company lectures, company visits, certification programs, graduation projects, competitions, practical training, and career development programs, we aim to cultivate a combination of diverse learning and practical skills in our students, preparing them for future employment in key job roles such as business planning, functional processes, and marketing management. In recent years, we have placed special emphasis on nurturing talents in cross-border e-commerce and digital marketing.

Furthermore, we adhere to the philosophy of "Recharging in CYUT for Sustained Success," providing excellent continuing education opportunities for supervisors at all levels in the industry, creating shared value. The following are three points of explanation:

1. Emphasizing the Key Development Features of C-SMILE:

The key characteristic of the Chaoyang Department of Management is to build upon the foundation of the five management disciplines mentioned above and further emphasize that students should possess professional characteristics such as creativity, skills, attitude, innovation, learning, and entrepreneurship on top of the five management disciplines. This enables students to have the following seven core competencies, creating a competitive advantage for future employment:

- Professional ethics and teamwork attitude

- Autonomous learning and lifelong learning attitude

- Ability to identify industry trends and have an international perspective

- Problem identification and analysis skills

- Creativity and innovation ability

- Process planning and analysis skills

- Marketing and business capabilities

2. The Department of Business Administration at Chaoyang University adheres to the teaching characteristics of "creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship" and a practical orientation.

The curriculum design of the department includes fundamental courses in economics, statistics, and management, the "Five Management" courses that cultivate professional competence, as well as systematic planning of applied courses and complementary execution of professional programs to foster professional expertise. Through various learning activities such as competitions and graduation projects, we aim to stimulate the creative seeds in the minds of our students. With a rich, exciting, and fulfilling curriculum structure and content, we guide students to cultivate their creative seeds into desirable innovative outcomes, thus preparing them with entrepreneurial energy to shine in society. The teaching characteristics of our department are as follows:

- Featured Courses: Creative Ideation and Practice, Business Internship, Graduation Project, Innovative Business Planning, Business Management Practices.

- Featured Teaching: Dual Teaching by Industry Experts, Corporate Visits, Case-based Teaching.

- Specialized Program: Entrepreneurship Management Program, Commercialization Management Program, Industrial Creative Development Program, and other programs.

3. Pioneering the cultivation of cross-border e-commerce and digital marketing talents

In response to the trends of cross-border e-commerce and digital marketing, we actively strive for funding from the Ministry of Labor's employment programs. We have received planned subsidies for four consecutive years, starting from the 103rd academic year. Within this program, we invite renowned industry experts to teach at our school, such as SEO master Lian Qiyou, keyword advertising expert Lin Mengxuan, cross-border e-commerce platform expert Lin Youcheng, traffic analysis experts Wu Tianyuan and Harris, Facebook marketing expert Xie Zhangsheng, copywriting experts Cai Qihua and Xiao Lu, and micro-film production expert Hu Jiawen. In addition to co-teaching with industry experts, we have signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Yushan E-commerce Association in the Greater Taichung area to put into practice what students learn in class. The association's member companies provide at least 30 internship opportunities each year, and many of our interns receive invitations for permanent positions. This year, we also co-organized the 2018 Taiwan Economic and Trade Network Cross-border E-commerce Boot Camp to enhance students' practical experience.